We create everlasting products & teams through a six to twelve months custom experience.

Remix custom cells integrate and complement your people & product needs for every stage of your business.

Remixed projects go far!


Are you ready for a Remix?

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Remix Cells + Smart Hiring =

Long-term profitability.
Shake your business up with us.

What if there was a solution that could give your Startup the know how & procedures of senior software companies, the tools and agility of recruiters and the business expertise and formation of accelerators all together? 

Remix custom expert cells go deep inside your business. They are prepared to lead the construction of the right products & teams, while you focus on defining your service and strategy for growth & scaling.

We will provide you with the experience, tools, method, planning, recruiting and training to make your startup team come true. From partial CTOs, CEOs, COOs, to Tech Leads, Devs, UX UI Design, Analysts, QAs, PM & Scrums; HR or Formation: 

Every role you need, for every stage of your business, in the exact amount you need. 

Did you know?

Only 10% of startups
make it past the first two years.

Source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

We remix your team, culture and operations for the long run, through a 6 to 12 months custom experience that empowers your team while Remixers build your solution.  

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